Filling rules

The free pubblication on is reserved to private people in every Category without any limit im the number of announcements. 
Don't send the same announcement on different categories, please choose the most appropiate one.
The  commercial and professional operators and anyone has an activity or a store could contact us to this email, we'll provide you with the document with the conditions reserved to you.


What we Don't publish don't publish announcements relative to any fire-arms sold or request and to animals
protected by national and international laws.
In general an announcement can't be published if express any racial, sexual, religious discrimination, if it's offensive, if it can sorce of trick or damaging for a person, if it requests or implies any reward in change of sexual services, if, finally,
it offends the common morality. is not responsible in any way for the announcements published inside this column, with obscene and/or vulgar contents, or which could send back to sites with obscene and/or vulgar content, or which could irritate in any way anyone's feelings or religious convictions and which could violate the laws about personal
privacy, in conformity with national and international regulations in force. In any case, Mercatousato.comcan't be considered civilly and penally responsible for the published contents

Besides, will reserve itself continually the right to censure the publications. 

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